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6 Part Email Series Questionairre

Hi there! Kylie Garner here. Thank you so much for your order. 

I want to personally thank you for investing in the growth of your business. This 6 Part Email Series is the EXACT sales funnel I use to capture website traffic and automate my marketing efforts, which ultimately reduces my marketing spend.

And I am excited for you to experience this success too!

To get the ball rolling, complete the Questionnaire below. Please provide as much detail as possible so I can make sure email series is as tailored to your brand as possible.

Can’t wait to get started!

6 Part Email Series Questionnaire

  • If so, please provide the login details. OR if you are using MailChimp, add me as an "Admin" to the account -
  • Demographics, personality, interests, etc.
  • How did you get started in the business? What inspired you to do what you do? What makes your heart sing? What breaks your heart? What AHA moments have you had? How have you evolved? Is there anything quirky or interesting about you?
  • For example - are you a Family Photographer who needed photos of your family? How did you choose your photographer? What was important to you? What was the experience like? What did it mean for you to have photos of your family?
  • This could be a story from your childhood that made you realise the importance of having photos of your family. I am looking for something anecdotal here.