Social Media Tools: The Ultimate List

Bamboozled by all the Social Media Tools out there? Struggling to find a tool to tame the social media beast?

Then you’re going to LOVE this guide!

Below is a collection of the best Social Media Tools on the web covering all things scheduling, growth-hacking, analytics and more!

I have spent years trialling and testing the myriad of tools out there in an attempt to find the best of the best. This list pulls together the years of research to help eliminate the guess work in finding the perfect tool – I have done the legwork so you don’t have to!

I’ve also provided some handy filters so you can find the best social media tools to suit your needs!

To your Social Media success!

Kylie xx

Social Media Tools

I need a tool to manage:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Blab
  8. YouTube
  9. Periscope

I need a tool to help with:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Fans & Followers
  3. Analytics
  4. Reputation Management
  5. Graphics & Content
  6. Content Curation
  7. Advertising

I need a tool that is:

  1. Free
  2. Paid
  3. Freemium

Show only Kylie's favourites:

  1. Yes
  2. No


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Freemium

If you're looking for an affordable, feature rich, social media management tool that manages multiple channels - then Hootsuite is the tool for you. I have included it as one of my favourites, but in all honesty I love to hate Hootsuite. It isn't the most prettiest or intuitive tools out there and at times can be down right frustrating. BUT it has the broadest range of features that many of the others are missing.

Cool Feature: Check out the Calendar View when scheduling posts. It gives you an easy to see snapshot of all your content and even allows you reschedule posts with a simple drag and drop.


Instagram Analytics Free

Looking for help with Instagram? For the perfect way to post images and explore analytics, check out Squarelovin. This software uses a web viewer that can help you make a more strategic impact online.

Features include contests and ads that will draw viewers, as well as ways to track feedback and see report data to help with your social impact on followers.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Comparable to HootSuite, if you're doing a lot of marketing through various social media platforms, you want to check out SproutSocial.

With great features like analytic tracking tools, metrics, help with campaigns and reporting, users will find a lot of great ways to build their audience and view reports for crucial data like landing pages and top ads.

Agora pulse

Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Looking for a way to schedule content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Then check out Agora. With tools to help filter content, conversations are never missed and you can run promotions and view all messages and tweets instantly on their user friendly, centralised dashboard.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

For easy social media tracking, try a FREE trial of Sendible. This social media tool helps marketers, agencies and individuals manage their social media presence across multiple platforms.

Features include user friendly tracking tools, scheduling and monitoring features, and powerful analytics tools to help build brands and engage users.


Twitter Scheduling Free

If you use Twitter, you might want to try out Tweetdeck. It's a great little tool for navigating through multiple accounts and helping users to better understand their followers. Tap into feedback and replies to gain listening insight and block out noise so you can target customers that need assistance or are top influencers.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Graphics & Content Freemium Kylie Garner's Favorite

Probably one of the easiest ways to share content online, Buffer lets users create queues to share content from Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. Features include a free plan with resourceful engagement stats and a paid plan for effective social sharing analytics.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Content Curation Paid

Designed for businesses, Oktopost works to help with social media networks and campaigns. Features include creating an enhanced presence with easy campaigns and social media profiles that businesses and marketers need for their accounts online. With ease of use, information can be shared across all social media platforms to increase user engagement.


Twitter Scheduling Fans & Followers Analytics Freemium

For increased help with your Twitter accounts, check out ManageFlitter. This easy to use tool has helped over 2 million users and can streamline how you send Tweets, messages, deals and information.

Users are also able to use key features like the follow and unfollow graphs that can help with social media analytics and graph management.


Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Freemium

Working with video, audio, photos and images? You definitely want to check out MavSocial. With access to over 24 million stock images for a flat rate, you can quickly find the right images you need to manage your digital assets.

With cloud sharing features, users can share content, run marketing campaigns and grow their customer base.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

For assistance with managing audience experiences, check out Spredfast. This is a top marketing platform that helps marketers to increase their social media presence and build brand equity.

The software can help with social media campaigns, building brand equity and sharing information across multiple platforms including Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Meet Edgar

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Paid Kylie Garner's Favorite

Ready for instant uploads? Try Meet Edgar. This easy to use social media queue and scheduler can help users post data on social networks. After a post has been completed, it's then archived in an unlimited library – perfect for getting organized!

Users can create their own categories and set publishing schedules and it works with most social media.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Paid

For the perfect way to manage your social media sharing schedule and content creation calendar, try CoSchedule. It includes a WordPress plug-in that can help you promote your content across all social media platforms and users can set their scheduling from their blog or the backend of WordPress.

Added features include tracking posts through and tracking tags through Google.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Paid

To save time with posts, try a FREE trial of Postcron. It has an easy scheduling system that can let users schedule and publish their links, images, texts and videos. Features include tools to help with Pinterest boards and Facebook timelines or events. It also works with Google+ simultaneously.

Build your social media presence efficiently and productively.


Instagram Pinterest Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

If you're looking for help with Pinterest ads, try a FREE trial of Tailwind. This easy to use software can help you with creating ads, pinning them and tracking them. Features include a calendar where you can drag and drop scheduled ads and metrics that can be measured to give deeper insight on content.

Use this for easy board tracking and learning about your followers.


Facebook Twitter Pinterest Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Paid

Struggling with social media engagement? Use Post Planner to FIND, PLAN, & POST better content to boost your reach & social media engagement today. Post Planner provides scheduling and content curation applications for businesses on Facebook and Twitter.

It offers Post Planner, a publishing tool for optimising Facebook engagement; and Status Ideas Engine for Facebook status ideas. Its application is used for business and personal use. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Sacramento, California.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

For great social media marketing, try Rignite. Top features include creating social media campaigns, contests and promotions. Users can also manage daily activities on their pages. With fun tools like evergreen blogs, sales help and coupons, analytics are easy to track and customising options will help with scheduling and reporting.


Instagram Scheduling Analytics Graphics & Content Paid

When you're ready for a better way to upload and share images to Instagram, check out ScheduGram. This easy to use program lets you add images effortlessly and post them across multiple sites reducing loading time and the need to log in on different platforms. Features include a bulk picture upload for scheduled listings.

Users will find they don't need a great deal of PhotoShop or editing and design experience to get their images online.

Cool feature: you can specify what content is to be posted as the first comment. Perfect for those who don't want to include your hashtags in the image caption.

Twitter Scheduling Fans & Followers Analytics Paid

For easy social media management, try User friendly features include managing social communities, Twitter relationships and help with influencers and customers. Groups include influencers, engaged members and supporters. offers free Facebook and Twitter analytics and can help prioritize Twitter tasks to minimize stream noise and engage key users.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Content Curation Paid

A must try tool is Sysomos. They have a great feature, Tweet Life that helps to analyze tweets to show you how they are shared. Other features include tools to help explain top amplifiers, the virility of tweets and insight into tweets customers are sending to discuss your company, products, services or brand.

*Use these insights for targeted ads to increase traffic.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Analytics Paid

Need instant marketing reports? RavenTools produces SEO reports, social media traffic reports and other analytics that can give you shared data from multiple sites. Cool features include customised reporting to print what you want and easy scheduling presents. RavenTools works with social media and general online marketing content.

*This is a must have for reporting data.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Graphics & Content Paid

For great marketing software that's easy to use and mobile, try Percolate. It can help with creating an audience, reporting and analytics, as well as offering tips and ways to generate more leads and sales through brand awareness.

Features include tips and streamlined advice to build your brand, work on customer interaction and team collaboration.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Freemium

Are you trending right now? To find which buzz worthy conversations your products, business or name are mentioned in, check out BuzzBundle. This resourceful tool can help you engage your audience through Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and Facebook. It's a seamless solution to following up across multiple accounts.

Features include scheduling and analytic tools.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Advertising Freemium

Likeable Hub helps connect social media platforms. Great for businesses and individual users, there are four levels including: FREE, Expert, VIP and Pro. Users can view all of their videos, blogs, posts and emails and instantly respond to all of them without the 140 character limitation.

Try Likeable Hub with a FREE account today.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Analytics Reputation Management Freemium

Heard about Cyfe yet? Great features include customisable dashboards that can help with marketing efforts and social media campaigns. Sync it with the big networks for better reporting.

With access to various types of reports, this can help with managing different aspects of promotions, ads, contests and other ways to generate buzz and keep users engaged.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Mention is a great tool for monitoring your reputation online. Once they are included in your mention feed, you can automatically send updates and comments as if you were in your own account. This is the perfect way for a business to engage with others through their business page. Features include analytics to track your online engagement.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Scheduling Analytics Paid

A popular social media tool for analytics, Socialbakers will help with statistics, metrics and other types of analysis across various social media platforms including Google+. Features include data driven results and insights to help with ads, content and increasing user engagement.

Agencies will find flexible pricing and streamlined administrative features to help build campaigns.


Twitter Fans & Followers Analytics Reputation Management Freemium

If you're looking for a way to manage your tasks, Meshfire can sort through your to do list with a task board that can help with your workflow. By letting Meshfire manage tasks, it helps to highlight what work has to be done and this can increase more time for customers and marketing efforts. Let Meshfire's prioritisation tools help you today.


Twitter Fans & Followers Free

Accredited with Google Adwords, Social Hunt is a great site for help with developing apps, features for websites and building brands. They offer web services and SEO help for individuals and business.

With 24/7 support based out of Karachi, users can get everything from content writing and design layouts to Adwords and assistance with landing pages.


Twitter Analytics Freemium

Followerwonk is Twitter abalytics on steroids. Find, analyse and optimise your Twitter growth. Dig deeper into Twitter analytics: Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet? Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Use super-actionable visualisations to compare your social graph to others. Easily share your reports with the world.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Analytics Freemium

Is your company in need of PR assistance? Trackur is the perfect social media tool to help with brands, analytics, sentiment analysis, influencers and monitoring. Features include insights, trend tools and key word assistance.

Start with a FREE trial and utilize the dashboard features for help with your color scheme, logo, and URL.


Twitter Instagram Fans & Followers Analytics Freemium

Not sure who's following you? Fans and followers can offer insight as you track them with Socialrank. With a variety of parameters, you can find out who the top influencers are and insight can help you gear ads to them, communicate and analyse their habits on social media.

Use this tool to also track the followers of your fans and followers to reach a wider audience.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Content Curation Freemium Kylie Garner's Favorite

For great queue assistance, try Quuu. It's the perfect way to increase an online following over multiple social media sites. Features include hand curated content that allows for manual edits.

This content suggestion platform includes time saving steps like automatic scheduling and easy editing features and integration with Buffer.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Ready to track engagement seamlessly? Check out Postific, a top social media platform that helps to keep users engaged. Features include easy scheduling for messages and tweets on up to 10 sites at once, RSS feeds, CRM integration, and easy tracking for optimised results.

Users will also enjoy listening tools that narrow in hot topics and phrases.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

For a powerful social media giant, get a FREE trial of Eclincher. Great features include tools for social media management to help with productivity, scheduling, publishing, auto posting, analytics and reporting. It's a great tool for consultants, entrepreneurs, ad agencies and marketing professionals.

Look for their auto post tool to schedule article posts.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram YouTube Scheduling Analytics Paid

Hit the ground running with Swat. This is a top social media management tool that helps users collaborate on sharable content. Cool features include a shared calendar, easy viewing and scheduling for future posts and help with content planning and increasing social customer service for better listening. Works with most social media including Tumblr, Pinterest, XING and Vimeo.

Outbox Pro

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Paid

Outbox Pro is a great way to schedule posts and organise information on social media. Outbox helps companies to set up their emails, tweets and other social media exchanges across multiple channels. With one-click features, there's no need to keep logging in and trying to remember multiple passwords.

Use Outbox to help with increasing ROI on social media as a browser extension.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Analytics Paid

Need an idea generator? Check out ThinkUp. This is a fun and insightful way to give you insights that you can tweet or share via email messages to users.

You can program it to send you daily insights or you can schedule it less often if you don't want to overload users with email and tweet messages.


Twitter Analytics Free

For help with Twitter reporting, tweets and retweets, sign up for Twitonomy. This easy to use feature will help with reports and analytics that can be easily downloaded into PDF versions and Excel spreadsheets in one click.

Features include analytic tools to help ad campaigns and insightful data on customers who are following you.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Freemium

For social marketers and content professionals Everypost is the perfect way to manage social media platforms instantly! Great features include managing pages across all social media platforms and publishing content simultaneously. With no restrictions or 140 character limits, clients turn to Everypost every time.

Features include customisation options, scheduling and easy uploads to most social networks.


Twitter Instagram Analytics Paid

For hashtag campaign tracking, Keyhole offers a wealth of statistics that can help you sort the popularity and success of a branded hashtag (or any other hashtag you choose). You can save a hashtag search so you can quickly and easily refer to it later on.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Analytics Content Curation Paid

For content-effective marketing software, try TrackMaven. It helps to track over 15 channels of content from competitors. This is a great tool if you're building a brand so you'll know which ads are working and you can mirror them on your own site.

Features include performance based insight to understand what competitors are doing right and assistance with email, blogs, social media and SEO ads.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Paid

The Nuvi platform helps offer social media analytics in real time. With easy to use dashboards, the platform lets businesses see what people are saying – and sharing on the internet. Users can respond to the right conversations and build their audiences.

Nuvi is a great way to influence behaviors online through web portal embedding, public facing displays and web enabled devices.

Little Bird

Twitter Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Paid

Looking for a fast way to map influencers? Give Little Bird a try. Boasting over 300 million Twitter followers, Little Bird can help you to drive your marketing efforts more effectively by staying abreast of changes that reduce research time in finding influencers.

Fun features include trend discoveries and double engagements to build campaigns.


Facebook Twitter YouTube Fans & Followers

To effectively monitor social media, look for Brandwatch. This social media monitoring tool helps businesses to keep track of their data while monitoring certain segments to analyze their online presence.

Features: Look for search data tools, charting and analysis features with access to over 80 million sources of online blogs news and forums.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Graphics & Content Freemium

A fun and FREE photo editing tool, Picmonkey is a great way to add effects and frames to images that are being posted online. This tool is perfect for those who may not use PhotoShop or anyone without a lot of editing experience.

As the software isn't complex, it's a great intro to help with various effects for images.


Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Graphics & Content Freemium

For easy image posting, check out PostCreator which can help you quickly upload images, overlay messages and add logos to a host of social media platforms. Users can build brand equity and they don't need design experience.

Added benefits include working form smartphones or tablets, users don't need to download their app which makes designing easy.


Facebook Advertising Paid

Ready to run Facebook ads? Qwaya can help as it's similar to the Facebook Ad Manager but better in how it runs ads. With features not found on Facebook, users can direct integration with Google Analytics, split testing and a cool feature that discontinues ads automatically if responses are low. A bit pricey, but it helps with strategic Facebook ads.

Simply Measured

Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Analytics Paid

A great analytics tool to check out is Simply Measured. Top features include cross channel analytics, in depth reporting over multiple platforms and profile analytics. This can help users to understand trends, focus on building their brand and increasing effective advertising to draw in a wider audience.

It works with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.


Facebook Twitter Reputation Management Free

Do you know your score? Kred has a scoring system that helps rank online users to grow your target audience by using data from social media to define influencing scores. Scores can predict if a person will act based on their posts, thereby giving marketers a unique approach to influencers.

Features include algorithms and features to break down participants.


Twitter Reputation Management Paid

To make Twitter searches easy, turn to Twilert. This friendly tool can help with real-time alerts and ways to build your brand. Features include tools to alert you when your brand is being mentioned and you can track this through keywords. That way you can target your ads, products, brand and tweets.

Easy to set up, users can activate it within minutes!


Facebook Twitter Scheduling Graphics & Content Advertising Paid

To increase your online presence – if you don't have one yet, try Pagemodo. This is a great way to share information online, collaborate on projects and the tools are simple and easy to use. It's perfect for someone who's busy trying to manage a start-up who needs help with photos and tags on their Facebook page.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Graphics & Content Freemium Kylie Garner's Favorite

For simplified graphic design that's user friendly, try Canva. With easy to use tools and templates, you can take social media to the next level. The templates are great for ads and posts and faster than PhotoShop.

*An added incentive is Guy Kawasaki is one of their top investors so they have the financial backing.


Facebook Twitter Scheduling Paid

Page Lanes works to help businesses stay organised with great features like content calendars and shared exchanges so colleagues can review drafts, complete projects and offer input. This is great for agencies with a lot of clients and those in the customer service business.

Look for key features like their ticket based system to help with customer requests.

Crowdfire App

Twitter Instagram Fans & Followers Freemium

For a great social media tool to build engagement, look for Crowdfire. To help users know whose following and unfollowing them, this app is must have.

Features include finding the status of inactive users and ways to track how your updates that will affect your follower stats.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Paid

If you have an ecommerce store, you will love Pixlee. 150+ brands already use it including Levi's and Kenneth Cole. They help to build brand awareness through customer stories with videos and photos. Features include real-time customer generated content and easy multi-channel integration.

Tip: With Pixlee, customers make purchases twice as often.


Twitter Analytics Reputation Management Freemium

If you're trying to engage customers but you're getting too much noise, try Topicurious to filter out the fluff. Users can target tweets that matter and engage with customers that they need to reach. These listening tools can help build brand equity and stop the need for scrolling through streams of tweets.

Great for proactively meeting the needs of your audience.


Twitter Analytics Paid

With TweetReach you can monitor Tweets about all your topics – hashtags, brands, accounts, events – in real time, with comprehensive analytics on reach, performance and engagement.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Analytics Paid

Quintly is an online social media analytics tool that allows you to track, benchmark and optimise your social media performance. It also allows you to benchmark your own performance against your competitors.


Instagram Scheduling Analytics Graphics & Content Content Curation Freemium Kylie Garner's Favorite

This is one of my favourite tools for managing Instagram. Later (formerly Latergram) allows you plan, schedule and manage your Instagram posts and marketing campaigns. Upload your photos and videos from computer, phone or tablet. Import form Dropbox. Plan your posts with a visual content calendar.

Cool feature: create a library of content that can be shared at any time.


Twitter Instagram Fans & Followers Free

Unfollowspy provides a suite of social media management tools for Instagram and Twitter including see who follows you, list non followers, see who unfollowed you, send custom direct messages.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Analytics Paid

Locowise is like your very own social media data scientist that never sleeps and deserves a promotion. It will draw insights and recommendations from all your favourite social media channels so you can plan your next move.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Reputation Management Paid

MyPresences helps you maintain your business's online presence and reputation across the internet. Access all profiles from one handy place so you can maintain a consistent online presence.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Analytics Freemium

GetSocial provides social sharing analytics so you know the best content to promote and on which platforms. With this tools you can analyse social engagement. Expose dark social sharing and discover viral stories.


Facebook Pinterest Scheduling Paid

if Facebook and Pinterest are your primary social media channels, Cinchshare might just be the tool for you. It will help you schedule and manage Facebook posts and pins and cross post between the two platforms with ease.


Instagram Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Paid

OnlyPult is Instagram management tool that allows you to plan and schedule content to all your Instagram accounts. The tool publishes to Instagram directly without the need for an app on your mobile device. It also features a number of cool tools that allow you to search and curate content by hashtag and user.

Cool Feature: specify 10 users to track for easy content curation.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Scheduling Paid

Autogrammer is a social media management tool that posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to bulk upload images and edit your photos. The Instagram scheduler also posts directly to Instagram without the need for an app on your smart phone.


Instagram Scheduling Analytics Paid

Busy is an Instagram publishing platform for professionals. It also publishes directly to Instagram without the need for an app on your smart phone.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Paid

ViralTag is the complete visual marketing suite for brands allowing you to automate and grow your brand on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. The tool offers powerful scheduling and the ability to search and curate content.


Instagram Scheduling Paid

Hopperhq is a Desktop and Mobile Instagram schedule that allows you to easily upload, edit, schedule and post to multiple Instagram accounts online.


Instagram Analytics Reputation Management Paid Kylie Garner's Favorite

Iconosquare is an awesome analytics tools for Instagram to measure and optimise your Instagram performance. As well as deep analysis, the tools allows you to manage Instagram activity so you can track, moderate and reply to comments easily.


Twitter Fans & Followers Paid

Tweepi is a powerful yet simple tools to help you grow your Twitter following quickly. Instead of spending hours finding and engaging with users on Twitter, Tweepi helps you spend only a few minutes of your time, so you can concentrate on doing the things you like most.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn Scheduling Content Curation Freemium

Social Pilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool that helps you increase your online marketing efficiency and save time.

Send Social Media

Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Send Social Media is an essential social media dashboard for business, marketers and agencies. This all in one dashboard allows you to manage, monitor, engage and publish on multiple social networks.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Content Curation Paid

DrumUp is your personal social media manager. The tool discovers and helps you share great content to your social media accounts so you can start meaningful conversations with your followers.

Auto Annotate

YouTube Scheduling Paid

Annotate all your YouTube videos with the click of a button.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Paid

Crowdlinker Share is a universal social media management dashboard. It enables social media managers to share content across major social networks and monitor engagement through real time analytics. Tailor your message for every major social network and share with one click.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Freemium

Gocinchy is a campaign driven social media management tools that allows you to connect multiple social media accounts and publish content across all channels.

Twitter Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Free is a growth tool for Twitter professionals that will help you find, engage and convert relevant leads.


Instagram Scheduling Paid Kylie Garner's Favorite

Plonoly is a beautiful Instagram management platform that allows you to visually plan out your Instagram content with their drag and drop grid.


Facebook Twitter Instagram Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Freemium

SmartBeemo provides social media management tools that allow you to schedule and analyse your social media efforts.


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

Smintly allows you to track brand reputation, manage social media channels, grow leads and customers, remote posting and scheduling, and much more.


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Scheduling Analytics Content Curation Freemium

Socialteria allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. Easily schedule your posts using our advanced library feature, which allows you to create a posting schedule. Find content that is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement and much more.


Facebook Twitter Scheduling Analytics Reputation Management Paid

WebZunder is social media management on the fly. With WebZunder you can handle the most important daily tasks of your social activities including publishing, engaging, replying to direct messages, monitoring and analysing.


Instagram Fans & Followers Paid Kylie Garner's Favorite

Instagress gives you social media superpowers! It provides a suite of tools to accelerate and automate your life on Instagram for more targeted likes, comments and follows.

However, a word of caution! Instagress has the capability to automate commenting on Instagram posts. I don't use this feature and highly recommend avoiding this strategy. I receive hundreds of these automated comments on my Instagram posts. Most are lame, out of context and don't make any sense! Highly likely I will never follow or engage with these accounts.

Instagress should not replace manually engaging with your audience and building authentic relationships.


Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Reputation Management Paid Kylie Garner's Favorite

Need to find out who's talking about your business? BrandMentions can help. It is a social listening tool that helps you monitor the online presence of your brand online in real-time. It is very easy to use to understand the behaviour of your audience and the feeling they have towards your brand. Its purpose is to detect all the web mentions that your brand or your competitors’ have in a given period of time.

Complementarily, you can also track topics or trends to find out the most competitive areas in your niche. Easy to get insights and build an accurate content marketing strategy.