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Intuition is a powerful thing …

Trust you gut - Kylie Garner // Kreatology

Back in my university days I worked in small bakery owned by a husband and wife team who had recently become new parents and needed a helping hand at the shop.

It definitely wasn’t a glamorous job, but it helped pay the bills while I studied my Journalism degree.

They seemed nice enough initially. However each day I turned up for work, something just didn’t feel right. I could never put my finger on it. From the moment I walked through the doors of a morning, I would get this horrible churning in my stomach.

I put it down to anxiety and tried to fight through it, but each day the feeling got worse.

One day the wife dropped a sliced loaf of bread on the ground. To my dismay she picked it up, placed it in a bag and put it on the shelf ready for sale. I then watched as she sold it to a customer.

That was the day it just got too much for me and I resigned.

Barely a week after I left, there was a drive by shooting at the bakery. Turns out the baker’s wife was having an affair with the shop owner next door and the baker wasn’t to happy about it!

Intuition is a powerful thing. Sometimes, if it doesn’t feel right, you just have to trust your gut …

Hi! I'm Kylie.

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