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Proposal by: Kreatology

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal for the management of your Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Advertising.

Gone are the days of building a brand and clients or potential partners auto-magically flock to your business!

With millions and millions of businesses now online, your business needs to be a high-performance marketing machine with IMPACT that inspires future clients and partners to take action.

It’s simply not enough to have a pretty website or throw some Facebook Ads out there … anyone can do that. And it doesn’t matter how fabulous your product is or how unique your business – if you don’t create a Meta Campaign that SPEAKS to your audience as well as engages, nurtures and INSPIRES them to take action, they will just move on to the next business who is screaming louder.

And the reality is, we live in an increasingly digital world. Knowledge is at our fingertips and experiences are shared around the globe with the click of a “Share” button. Digital Marketing continues evolve and change the way our customers engage with brands, receive information and make the decision to BUY.

Herein lies the opportunity!

Technology (and now AI) has allowed us to find, engage and inspire people in a way we’ve NEVER seen before. So in a world of tech savvy consumers, the power shifts to those businesses best able to build a strong brand and LEVERAGE this technologies.

So how exactly do we do this?

With high-performing Facebook & Instagram “Meta” Ads handcrafted by communication and digital marketing experts (or Meta Advertising FANATICS) who live and breathe all things online marketing!

Our objective is to turn Social Media browsers into buyers with laser focused targeting and evidence-based / data-driven marketing strategies.

The game has changed. Technology has changed. The way customers engage with brands has changed.

Kreatology is across the latest digital marketing trends and technology so your business can be smarter, scalable and more profitable.

To your success and we look forward to hearing from you!

Scope of Services

Meta "Facebook + Instagram" Advertising Management (Monthly)

Strategy + Campaign Development including the management of 1, 2 or 4 ongoing campaigns per month (chosen at checkout). This includes: - Typically up to 3 ad sets and ad variations running per campaign - Set up, copywriting and creative optimisation [from provided images/video] - Management to tie into your marketing activities, drive your key business focuses and grow your brand - Optimisation and reporting on new and existing campaigns including key findings and recommendations for future campaigns. - One 30 minute "Strategy Call" per month if required - WhatsApp communication throughout

Not included

Your ad spend budget. We suggest a minimum of $500 per month with recommendations on budget to be provided with each strategy once initial bench-marking, optimisation and cost per lead has been established.


- Access to your Ad Account via Facebook Business Portfolio (formerly Manager) - Access to your Ad Account Pixel, Facebook Page and Custom Audiences - Access to Website to create Custom Conversions - Access an Asset Library (Images & Video) for campaign creatives - Completion of any briefing questionnaires as requested by Kreatology

Expectations & Commitment

We're committed to delivering the best possible results for your Meta Campaigns. However, it's important to understand that many factors influencing the success of the campaign lie outside our control. These factors include your follow-up process, staff, customer service, the product, market demand and the overall market sentiment at the time of advertising. // Our Commitment to You - We will utilise our expertise and resources to develop, manage and optimise your campaigns - We will consistently monitor and adjust our strategies based on performance data to maximise campaign effectiveness - We will maintain open and transparent communication with you throughout the campaign period // Evaluation Period After a period of three months, if we feel the campaigns are not yielding the desired results, we'll collaboratively cancel the engagement without further obligations. Our ultimate goal is your success and we are dedicated to doing everything possible to achieve the best outcomes.

Next Steps

Read & Accept Proposal

Phew ... that's a bit to get through isn't it! 😉 Please ensure you have read and understand the Proposal and it's inclusions. If we have missed anything or you have any questions at all, please reach out. If you're ready to get the ball rolling, simply click on the "Accept" button! We look forward to working with you!

Retainer Review Policy

As with any new business, we aim to make sure we find that perfect harmony between delivering the best value and making sure we're also able to dedicate the resources needed to do our very best work and meet your needs. This costing is locked in for the first three months of your engagement with Kreatology and may be subject to review at the end of this term. At that point, we'll review your retainer to make sure it's adequately delivering on all of your needs. If we feel that it's not quite meeting those needs, we'll collaborate with you on any adjustments (up or down!), so it reflects the great work we do together well into the future. The digital marketing landscape is fast-moving and constantly evolving, so we'll continue this process on a quarterly basis.

Your Investment

This proposal is for a minimum 3-month contract and will automatically renew monthly.

Meta Ads Management (Per Month) - 1 Campaign

Total: $1000

Approve Proposal

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Kreatology  // Kylie Garner is a Fractional CMO, Digital Marketing FANATIC & Quirky Creative. She helps drive business growth with expert Marketing Leadership, Strategic Insight and Tactical Execution … all at a “fraction” of the cost of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer.

Let's Empower Your Marketing, Amplify Your IMPACT!

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