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The Virtual CMO Proposal - Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen

Proposal by: Kreatology

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal for our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) program – The Virtual CMO!

Imagine the business growth you could achieve if you had a Chief Marketing Officer!

Is your business hungry for growth, but lacks the marketing clarity needed in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape? Are you in “marketing overwhelm” throwing ad hoc campaigns out there hoping that something “just works”.

You’re not alone.

Most businesses will hit multiple growth plateaus throughout their journey … without the strategic leadership of a full-time Marketing Specialist.

As a result, businesses often then turn to marketing agencies that cost a FORTUNE or engage inexperienced marketing consultants that deliver little to no ROI.

They’re left with a mish-mash of marketing and messaging with no real idea of the strategy used or even if campaigns are working.

That’s where “The Virtual CMO” comes in.

“The Virtual CMO” program provides businesses, like you, with a highly experienced part-time Marketing Strategist – or Fractional CMO – to provide strategic direction and help lead marketing efforts.

Unlike a full-time CMO, a Fractional CMO offers businesses access to top-tier marketing expertise without the overhead of hiring them full-time, which typically demands a salary of $250,000 US per year.

Our objective for The Virtual CMO is to WORK WITH YOU and your in house team to deliver CMO level strategy, laser focused targeting and evidence-based marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost.

The game has changed. Technology has changed. The way customers engage with businesses has changed.

Let’s accelerate your business growth with a CMO advantage.

To your success and we look forward to hearing from you!

Scope of Services

The Virtual CMO (Monthly)

The Virtual CMO Program allows you to leverage my digital marketing, brand and business expertise "on demand". Together we'll build a Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to YOU and focuses on the areas you need help with the most to give you the biggest ROI. We will also help oversee the execution to ensure your marketing stays on track and hits your growth goals. The program includes: - 1:1 Coaching & DWY Implementation - Marketing Action Plan - Weekly 90 Minute 1:1 Implementation Sprint Calls - What's App Messenger Support - A Perfect Blend of Training, Strategy AND Implementation

DWY Implementation

We work WITH YOU and your team to implement your marketing campaigns. We believe businesses have the greatest success when they completely understand the strategy and are empowered to implement the campaigns in-house under our leadership. So consider your weekly call an "Implementation Sprint"! The goal for these 90 minute sessions is to get as much done as we can, so you can finish anything we don't get done outside of the calls. We like to focus on the areas where you may not have in house expertise - eg marketing copy, Facebook Ads set up and optimisation, systems automation, etc.

DWY Meta Advertising

Setting up and optimising a high performing Facebook / Instagram Ad can be overwhelming! We completely understand this is one aspect of Digital Marketing that many businesses have difficulty with. And Meta doesn't make it easy with the constant changes! This is where we'll utilise the weekly 90 minute calls to create ad copy, set-up the campaigns and training you in the process. Then each week on our calls, we'll review ad performance and make any adjustments if needed.

What's NOT Included

Your ad spend budget. If Meta Advertising is part of our Marketing Strategy, we suggest a minimum of $1500 per month. However, we have had great success with lower budgets. Ongoing recommendations on budget will be provided once initial bench-marking, optimisation and cost per lead has been established. Done for you implementation outside the 90 minute calls. If you're looking for someone to simply do it all for you, a Marketing Agency may be a better fit. We're all about empowering businesses to manage their marketing in-house to maximise your advertising budget and increase your profits.


- Access to your Ad Account via Facebook Business Portfolio (formerly Manager) - Access to your Ad Account Pixel, Facebook Page and Custom Audiences - Access to Website to create Custom Conversions - Access an Asset Library (Images & Video) for campaign creatives - Access to any other tools or systems you may use (eg Mailchimp, Google Analytics) - Completion of any briefing questionnaires requested by Kreatology

Next Steps

1. Read & Accept Proposal

Phew ... that's a bit to get through isn't it! 😉 Please ensure you have read and understand the Proposal and it's inclusions. If we have missed anything or you have any questions at all, please reach out. If you're ready to get the ball rolling, simply click on the "Accept" button and we look forward to working with you!

2. Set-Up Monthly Retainer

Once the Proposal is accepted, you'll be redirected to a page where you can set up your monthly payments. Our retainers are billed in advance on a monthly basis and your retainer start date will vary depending on your requirements and our availability, this could be at any time during the calendar month.

3. Complete Our CMO Onboarding Questionnaire

Once this proposal has been accepted, we will send you a CMO Onboarding Questionnaire to kick things off. Once this is completed, we'll schedule in your first call!

Retainer Review Policy

As with any new business, we aim to make sure we find that perfect harmony between delivering the best value and making sure we're also able to dedicate the resources needed to do our very best work and meet your needs. This costing is locked in for the first three months of your engagement with Kreatology and may be subject to review at the end of this term. At that point, we'll review your retainer to make sure it's adequately delivering on all of your needs. If we feel that it's not quite meeting those needs, we'll collaborate with you on any adjustments (up or down!), so it reflects the great work we do together well into the future. The digital marketing landscape is fast-moving and constantly evolving, so we'll continue this process on a quarterly basis.

Your Investment

This proposal is for a minimum 3-month contract and will automatically renew monthly.

The Virtual CMO (Per Month)

Total: $6800

Approve Proposal

If you're ready to get the ball rolling and do AMAZING things together, please click "Accept" below and we'll be in touch.

This proposal has already been approved!

Kreatology  // Kylie Garner is a Fractional CMO, Digital Marketing FANATIC & Quirky Creative. She helps drive business growth with expert Marketing Leadership, Strategic Insight and Tactical Execution … all at a “fraction” of the cost of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer.

Let's Empower Your Marketing, Amplify Your IMPACT!

On approval of this proposal, you have read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions which can be found here.