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Brand. Branding. Brand strategy. Oh, my!

When you think of famous “brands” what companies come to mind? Coke? Nike? Lorna Jane? For me, these are the brands that have screamed the loudest and caught my attention. These are the brands I am most likely to buy.

So what is branding? Is it just another word for “marketing”? Is it advertising?

It’s actually pretty simple, but it pains me to see so many businesses get it wrong or completely disregard the value of a good brand. The hard truth is a bad brand will cost you businesses.

Your “brand” is who you are. Your brand is your identity, your image and how you want the world to see you. It’s your face in the mirror, without the smoke. It’s your passion for your business, on fire!

And here’s the best part, in terms of real dollars and cents – it’s your brand and not your product that separates you from your competition. It’s your brand that says your business has something special and they can only get it from you.

Think of your brand as your personality. Whatever it is, put it out there – “Boom, Baby, here I am!” People like to do business with brands they know, like and trust. They’re most loyal to the brands that make them feel most comfortable.

The heart and soul of any successful brand is the Logo.

It will be the most visible and recognisable part of your brand. And if done right, it will pack a punch.

So how do you design the most creative and memorable logo ever?

Consider all formats. Whether it’s in low resolution on the Internet or high resolution in a glossy magazine; on a business card or the side of a building; in black or white or living color – your logo should work well with any media, at any size.

Get creative! Your logo doesn’t need to be a literal description of what you do. Take florists for example. A logical choice might be to use flowers in the logo, but how many other florists do the same? Think outside the box and standout from the crowd! Do you see any coffee in Starbuck’s logo?

Invoke an emotional response. Your logo should make an emotional connection, an experience. The golden M without “McDonald’s”, the “Swoosh” without “Nike”, the Mermaid without “Starbuck’s” and many more have become the most iconic logos in the world. Each creates an emotional response without ever seeing the company name. That’s more than a relationship, that’s family. That’s success.

Now, whether you’re creating an international mega-brand or a small family business, your logo is the pivotal piece for all your marketing materials.

You’ll use it everywhere.

It will be the reason why a customer chooses you over your competitor!

So don’t let your logo be an after thought. Consider it your hardest working asset. Do your research and invest in a brand consultant that understands all aspects of brand development from the design to trademarks and brand protection.

Some companies want to wish on a star. Others want to BE one. Which one are you?

Hi! I'm Kylie.

Brand & Digital Marketing Strategist, Educator, AIPP Master Photographer and Superstar Mum of two gorgeous boys.

I help businesses grow with Conversion Driven Websites, Marketing Automation and Traffic Generation.