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Ever feel like your website is a needle in a humongous ginormous colossal “haystack”? It’s time to get found. Noticed. Admired! It’s time to get the insights you need to start attracting traffic, leads and sales!

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An Insight-packed, done-for-you analysis that uncovers your site’s hidden SEO opportunities … and gives you a step-by-step blueprint for turning those opportunities into targeted traffic.


Does this sound familiar?

You’ve spent months or even years setting up your business. You’ve put countless hours into choosing just the right products and services for your customers and ensuring that your offers meet their needs (and wants) better than anything else on the market.

In short, you’re an expert in your niche. And you know that if your ideal prospects could just find you … they’d be hooked for life!

But so far, your website hasn’t exactly been flooded with traffic, has it?

It’s not because you haven’t tried. Most likely, you’ve either obsessed over every detail of your website yourself or you’ve paid a designer a small fortune to do it for you.

On the surface, it looks like your site should be doing its job.

So what went wrong?


You’re missing out on easy-to grab SEO opportunities that could drive targeted, excited leads to your site every day.

Chances are, you’re not a SEO expert. You shouldn’t have to be – you have a business to run and value to provide to your clients and customers. So if your site isn’t optimised to attract your ideal prospects, it’s really not your fault.

Still, you need to tap into the visibility and ranking opportunities that proper SEO can provide. Otherwise, your site is always going to be like the proverbial needle in the haystack – it will be almost impossible to find, and most people won’t even know it’s there in the first place.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to claim your own customised SEO Traffic Builder Blueprint.

Your personalised SEO Traffic Builder Blueprint is designed to give you a done-for-you snapshot of the SEO health of your website, identify its untapped visibility potential and provide you with swipe-and-deploy suggestions for creating content that:

  • Search engines can use to identify your content as relevant and authoritative
  • Improves organic search rankings without requiring you to spend all day creating content
  • Makes you the “go to” expert in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

The best part? There’s no guesswork or messy “trial and error.” You’ll get the exact insights you need to increase traffic and authority while minimising your content creation time.

That means more leads and sales… and more time to do what you truly love – taking care of your clients and customers!

What exactly do you get with your unique SEO Traffic Builder Blueprint?

Full Domain Analysis

You’ll discover how much juice your site currently has to pull in quality traffic based on inbound link quality, keyword effectiveness, and other critical factors that affect search engine visibility.

Market Research & Keyword Analysis

You’ll get a comprehensive list of 12 niche-relevant keywords, along with the estimated monthly search volume and competitive score for each keyword.

Your Google “Juicy” Headlines

We’ll recommend 12 eye-catching, unique, high-performing article headlines for your blog – each containing the perfect keywords to increase visibility and encourage social sharing.

Your Custom Blog Execution Blueprint

You’ll get a specific, step-by-step plan for creating blog content that attracts the exact traffic you want. All you need to do is follow the Blueprint and you’ll be able to enrich your site with engaging, powerful content that search engines (and human visitors) will LOVE!

Page One Audit & Benchmarking

We’ll audit and document the search results for each keyword we recommend, providing you a benchmark so you are not writing blind. You’ll know exactly who your competitors are and the blog you need to write to knock them off the top.

Plus, when you claim your SEO Traffic Builder Blueprint today, I’ll also include this time-saving bonus:

Your Blog Outsourcing Brief Template

If you don’t have time to create your own SEO-infused content, no problem! With this template, you’ll be able to give your outsourced writer all the information, instructions and details they need to do it for you. No more ordering articles and then getting back off-target content that doesn’t serve your needs!

Google Analytics & Google Search Console Tools

We’ll make sure that your website is set-up for SEO success and Google knows who you are and where to find you.

Let’s demolish that haystack – claim your Blueprint today!

If you’re tired of pouring your time and hard work into your business only to see dismal results, this eye-opening report will give you the guidance you need to ramp up your targeted traffic – without all the frustrating guesswork.

Get the customised insights you need for more visitors, leads, and sales – order your SEO Traffic Builder Blueprint for just …

$497 AUD

I look forward to hearing how your Blueprint helps you grow your business and create the success you’ve always dreamed of!

Kylie Garner

P.S. I put quite a bit of time into each Blueprint because I want to give you a formula you can actually use instead of just handing you “one size fits all” information that doesn’t help you increase your traffic flow.

That means that I can only create so many Blueprints each month. Once I reach my maximum, I have to stop accepting orders until the following month. So if you hesitate, you might have to spend yet another month trying to figure everything out by yourself!

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