Wow!! I am so happy

Wow!! I am so happy with the results of the ‘Profile Collection’ photo shoot I did with Kylie!

The amazing photos well surpassed my expectations and the whole experience was fun & fabulous! I was made to feel special & unique from the very first consultation where Kylie assessed my profile image needs and together we came up with a look and feel that would best suit me. Knowing how important your online and offline image is these days, Kylie was able to work her magic and come up with spectacular contemporary business style images that I can’t wait to share with my friends, family, clients and contacts!

I loved the indulgent ‘make-over’ experience and was made to feel relaxed during the photo shoot itself. Kylie had set up examples of different poses to look at and guide me throughout the shoot making it less daunting.

For a few hours it felt like being a glamorous model for an exciting fashion shoot. It was great to dress up, get pampered, feel special and end up with a range of excellent quality photos that will enhance my business profile!

I highly recommend this very valuable & fun service for women in business and the corporate world.

So loving the photos – getting lots of positive feedback!