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The Virtual CMO

Let's get your Marketing SORTED!

Tap into affordable CMO level vision, experience and strategy to help reach your business growth goals faster.

Imagine what you could achieve if you had a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)!

Hey there fellow business owner!

Want to attract more customers and boost your business growth? Tired of wasting time and money on ad-hoc marketing strategies that don’t get results? Feel overwhelmed with all the hats you’re wearing and “marketing” just not your thing? 

Entrepreneurship and running your own business can be crazy rewarding and exciting journey. It can also be super tough! Many of us start a business because we LOVE what we do and want to share it with the world. But we often get caught in the day-to-day running of the business and “marketing” becomes after thought.

And let’s be honest, marketing isn’t taught in schools and with the ever changing digital landscape, its tough staying across all the latest platforms, strategies and “what’s working” right now.

What if you could get access to a marketing expert with years of experience working across various industries?

The Virtual CMO has been designed to offer businesses a one-stop-shop for marketing structure, experience and methodologies to help achieve your business growth goals much faster than if going it alone.

Hiring a full-time Marketing Officer is out of reach for most SME businesses let alone an experience CMO which typically demands a salary of $250,000 per year. My mission for this program is to deliver “CMO” level strategy and standout marketing solutions that’s much more affordable and accessible.

So what is a CMO?

A CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer, is a senior employee who oversees all your marketing activities. They’re responsible for building the brand, product development, marketing strategy, promos, PR, sales, pricing and customer experience.

Gone are the days when a few simple promos were enough for clients to auto-magically flock to your business! With millions and millions of businesses now online, your brand and business needs to be a high performance marketing machine that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.

The game has changed. Technology has changed. The way customers engage with brands has changed.

If only you had a CMO with their finger on the pulse of all the latest digital marketing trends so your business can be smarter, scalable and more profitable!

How does The Virtual CMO work?

The Virtual CMO is a monthly step-by-step marketing strategy, training and DWY implementation program. Our goal is to assist Business Owners in implementing a tailored Marketing Machine and empower you with the knowledge to drive your business growth goals.


Needs Analysis

Let's get the foundations right! We'll discover your ideal client, brand positioning & map out your Marketing Machine.


Your 90 Day ACtion Plan

We'll develop a 90 Day Action Plan to meet your business growth goals & stay laser focused on the activities that will give you the fastest ROI.



Need to boost your lead flow quick smart? Let's create a Facebook Ad with an irresistible offer your ideal clients can't refuse.


Construct your Pillars

A ROCK SOLID Marketing Machine needs these 6 pillars to attract your ideal audience & generate leads on autopilot. Let's get them sorted!



This is where the magic happens! Together, we'll create your Freakin Fab Funnels across your Marketing Pillars to generate leads on autopilot.


Test, TWEAK & innovate

Launching a Promo / Funnel is just the first step. Once it's live, we'll test, tweak and optimise the bejeebas out of it to get the best ROI.

The Virtual CMO is an ongoing month-to-month program. Cancel at any time. However as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Implementing each of the marketing pillars takes time so we recommend you allow 6 months to fully implement and see the benefits of your Marketing Machine. 

The Virtual CMO includes:

This is NOT your average Marketing Program / 1:1 Coaching / Online Course!

This is not another “online course” about Marketing. It’s also not coaching program with a cookie cutter approach where if you don’t see results, your “mindset” is to blame. AND IT’S MOST DEFINITELY not a “DFY marketing agency” where you need sell your children in order to pay for it’s services.

As a business owner myself, I’ve been there, done that, spent an arm and a leg, and been burnt BIG TIME.

So … I’m doing things differently.

The Virtual CMO is a perfect blend of training, coaching, strategy and implementation. Each month you will get a combination of 1:1 Implementation Calls, Group Training, Marketing Execution Plans, Tools and Online Support. 

AND it’s completely tailored to YOU and YOUR business. Because every business is different, every business “owner” is different and we’re also all at different stages of business. There is just no “one-size-fits-all” solution that works for everyone.


Who is The Virtual CMO For?

As much as I would LOVE to help every business owner ROCK their business growth goals, The Virtual CMO isn’t for everyone. 

This program will suit those who:

This program will NOT suit those who:

The Virtual CMO Back Story

My "superpower", is my ability to build REMARKABLE brands and businesses.

I’ve been working with clients across the tourism, events, health, photography, service and coaching industries since 2006.

And one thing clients have always said … I have the ability to understand what they need and create something remarkable when they themselves don’t even know that looks like. 

I SEE their vision, their passion, their unique story – even their personality – and create something that is TRULY uniquely them.


They may have hired me to simply “create a website”, help with “social media” or develop a “digital marketing strategy”.

But what they received is so much more …

… Clarity. Direction. Innovation.

This then leads to delving into the “business” itself – systems, workflow, product development, pricing, staffing, leadership and more!

If I’m honest, I am not entirely sure how I do this. Maybe it’s why I call it my “superpower”?

Maybe it’s because I’m a natural problem solver. Something not working? I want to know WHY and then how to fix it … I was one of those kids that pulled things a part to see how they worked :) 

And you know what the AWESOME part is, this “Superpower” is contagious. Clients repeatedly say this superpower rubs off on them and they find themselves naturally stepping into their “remarkable”, problem solving LIKE A BOSS and thinking more like an “entrepreneur”.

So, my biggest challenge was to find a way to package this Superpower up and help more businesses! What does it even look like – is it a product? A service? A online course?

Enter The Virtual CMO – just imagine what you could achieve if you had your very own Chief Marketing Officer (aka CMO)!

Someone who has your back and knows your business inside out. Someone to collaborate with you on ideas, promotions and the overall direction of your business. Someone who genuinely wants to see you succeed and drive your business growth.

Sure … some people come to me for JUST a website or “more leads”. But what we do here is so much more. “More leads” is simply a byproduct of everything we do together.


Let's do AMAZING things together