Kreatology // Kylie Garner // Fractional CMO


Hi there! I’m Kylie Garner – Journalist, Photographer, Blogger, Social Media & Brand Strategist and Superstar Mum.

I can help you ROCK your Web, Branding & Social Media.

That’s because I am a bit of brand fanatic who lives and breathes all things social media and online marketing.

My goal is to inspire you to discover your passion, dream big and make it a reality by giving you the tools and strategies to transform your business.

Sounds like a big dream, I know. I believe dreams need to be bold, scary even!

I am passionate about helping people who want to challenge the status quo.

Business leaders, like you, who want change the world, kick some ass and enjoy life in the process.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative organisations during my career. From the fast-paced deadline-focused newsroom of an international online news agency – ABC News Online – to coordinating world class online services of the 2nd largest local government authority in Australia – the Gold Coast City Council.

But nothing compares to the freedom of forging my own path.

The ability to create a business and life I love which gives me the financial freedom to pursue my passions, make a difference and show my 6-year-old little man, Riley, that anything is possible.

And I am committed to helping other kindred business owners do the same.

It has been an amazing ride working with some truly visionary clients.

One of the first in my entrepreneurial career was the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo – the largest rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere and not-for-profit organisation who has donated $3.8 million back to local charities, cultural and sporting groups.

For seven years, I delivered innovative Brand, Web & Social Media strategies for this iconic Australian event showcasing the Isa Rodeo to international audiences attracting visitors and competitors from all over the world.

During this time the event garnered international news coverage, reached record online audiences and was the recipient of multiple state and national Tourism Awards.

In 2011, our cheeky television commercials captured the attention of a Canadian rodeo who purchased them for their event. I also managed to land myself on the cover of the North West Star and interview by the ABC about our social media success.

As well as their charitable donations, outback events like the Isa Rodeo boost the local economy to the tune of millions.

THIS is why I do what I do.

To make a difference, change the world even!

And I believe best way I can do this, is to make a difference in yours.

The Isa Rodeo was a blast, but small business is my passion.

Small business. Start-Ups. Entrepreneurs. Mumpreneurs. Womenpreneurs!

People like you.

So how can we transform your online marketing to give your business the edge? Create something amazing so you are the stand out brand, business or thought leader even?

How do we create a business that gives you the freedom to pursue your passions?

I’m Kylie Garner, some call me the Kreatologist. I am on a mission to create a global community of women business leaders who have the tools and knowledge to grow their business and change the world.

Are you ready to dream big?

Me to.

Let’s do amazing things together.

Kylie xx



Finalist – 2016 AIPP QLD Landscape Photographer of the Year
3 x Silver – AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
2 x Silver Distinction – AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards
1 x Silver – AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards


Gold – AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
Silver Distinction -AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
Silver -AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
8 x Silver –AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards


Gold –AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
2 x Silver –AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
Silver Distinction – New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards
3 x Bronze – New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards
Bronze – International Loupe Awards


Jelly // Light – 2013 Canon Photo5 Photography Competition


Portfolio – 2012 Canon Photo5 Photography Competition


Bachelor of Arts (Journalism), Queensland University of Technology – 2000


Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) – Associate Accredited Professional Photographer
Women’s Network Australia – Member